Links and Documents

San Jose Watershed Regional Adaptation Collaborative (RAC) project report

Nelson, H., Day, K., Cohen, S., Moore, D., and Hotte, N. (2012) Adapting to Climate Change in the San Jose Watershed.

Initial RAC Presentation

1st Workshop Material:

Shared Learning -Linking Climate Change to Local Decisions (Presentation by Dr. Stewart Cohen)

The Influence of Changing Climate on Forest Ecosystems (Presentation by Ken Zielke)

Hydrological Effects of Climate Change in the San Jose Watershed (Presentation by Dr. Dan Moore and Georg Jost)

Ground Water-Surface Water Interactions in the San Jose Watershed (Presentation by Clement Agboma and Dr. Adam Wei)

Modeling at the Landscape Level (Presentation by Anne-Hélène Mathey)

Workshop outputs

50 and more questions to ask of a shared-use watershed

2nd Workshop Material:

Presentation of Revised Questions

Workshop outputs

Revised Forest Cover Questions

Revised Hydrological Questions

4th Workshop Material:

Project overview (Presentation by Dr. Harry Nelson)

Water governance in the San Jose Watershed (Presentation by Angela Mawdesley)

Results of forest modelling (Presentation by Ken Day and Cam Brown)

Results of hydrological modelling (Presentation by Dr. Dan Moore)

Facilitated discussion questions (Presentation by Dr. Stewart Cohen)

Workshop outputs

Highlights from facilitated discussions

5th Workshop Material:

Forest modeling highlights (Presentation by Dr. Harry Nelson)

Hydrology modeling highlights (Presentation by Dr. Dan Moore)

Watershed planning and governance (Presentation by Steve Litke)

Experiences in the Columbia Basin (Presentation by Dr. Stewart Cohen)

Experiences in the Cowichan Basin (Presentation by Tom Anderson and Rob Hutchins)

Determining next steps (Presentation by Dr. Stewart Cohen)

Workshop outputs

Highlights from facilitated discussions

Additional material:

Climate change and forests

CCA-SFM Poster (presented at CCA-SFM workshop Feb. 14-15, 2011)

Canadian Council of Forest Ministers (2009) Vulnerability of Canada’s Tree Species to Climate Change and Management Options for Adaptation: An Overview for Policy Makers and Practitioners

Schnorbus, M., Winkler, R., and Alila, Y. (2004) Modelling Forest Harvesting Effects on Maximum Daily Peak Flow at Upper Penticton Creek. B.C. Ministry of Forests Forest Science Program, Victoria, BC. Extension Note 67.

Climate change and hydrology

Pike, R.G.; Spittlehouse, D.L.; Bennett, K.E.; Egginton, V.N.; Tschaplinski, P.J.; Murdock, T.; and Werner, A.T. (2008) A summary of climate change effects on watershed hydrology.

Moore, R. Dan; and Wondzell, S.M. (2005) Physical hydrology and the effects of forest harvesting in the Pacific Northwest: a review.

Climate change action

Baltutis, J., Brandes, O., and O’Riordan, J. (2012) Towards a Blueprint for Watershed Governance in British Columbia: Synthesis Report. POLIS Project on Ecological Governance.

BC Ministry of Environment (2010) Preparing for Climate Change – British Columbia’s Adaptation Strategy.

BC Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (2012) Forest Stewardship Action Plan for Climate Change Adaptation 2012-2017.

Carlson, D. (2012) Preparing for Climate Change: an implementation guide for local governments in British Columbia. West Coast Environmental Law.

Cariboo Regional District (2011) Cariboo-Chilcotin Climate Change Adaptation Strategy.

Dawson, R.J.; Werner, A.T.; and Murdock, T.Q. (2008) Preliminary Analysis of
Climate Change in the Cariboo-Chilcotin Area of British Columbia
. Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium, University of Victoria, Victoria, BC. 49pp.

Dawson, R.J.; Werner, A.T.; and Murdock, T.Q. (2008) Cariboo-Chilcotin: Climate change analysis suggests future work needed to assess vulnerabilities. LINK, FORREX Forum for Research and Extension in Natural Resources, Vol. 10, No. 3.


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